Micrófono Condensador Usb Pc Gamer Streaming

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IMPORTANT READING THE CURRENT IS Es black. If you already own MAC Air, don't worry about buying it as it doesn't support it. This microphone is suitable for use during Zoom meetings. You may use a USB microphone without any additional equipment by just connecting it to your computer. But you need to pay attention to the fact that you need to activate the application's recording permission; otherwise, it won't be available as this frequently happens. The microphone is plug and play, so it doesn't need to be
  • Marca GOMIA
  • Modelo DN42-PC
  • Es gamer
  • Largo del cable 180 cm
  • Usos recomendados del micrófono Computadora,tablet,pc,ordenador portatil
  • Con parlantes incorporados No
  • Frecuencia mínima - Frecuencia máxima 1 Hz - 20 Hz
  • Formatos de micrófono Mano
  • Tipos de micrófono Condensador
  • Patrones polares Omnidireccional
  • Cantidad de micrófonos 1
  • Tipos de conexiones USB,conector de 3.5 mm
  • Con Bluetooth No
  • Peso 500 g