Micrófono Mini Shotgun Bidireccional Duo 7ryms Minbo-m2

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MINBO M2 MICROFONO BIDIRECCIONAL MINI SHOTGUN We know how vital it is for you to obtain high-quality recordings, therefore now we are bringing you the 7RYMS Shotgun microphone. The MINBO M2 dual-mic microphone, which is mostly used in professional interviews and audio recordings, was created to provide your videos higher audio quality without requiring you to invest in specialized equipment. Thanks to its adjustment for 10dB sensitivity, filtering capabilities, and compatibility
  • Marca 7RYMS
  • Modelo MINBO-M2
  • Es gamer No
  • Largo del cable 15 m
  • Usos recomendados del micrófono Para cámaras,Para computadora,Para instrumentos
  • Con parlantes incorporados No
  • Frecuencia mínima - Frecuencia máxima 60 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Formatos de micrófono Shotgun
  • Tipos de micrófono Condensador,Direccional
  • Patrones polares Bidireccional
  • Cantidad de micrófonos 2
  • Tipos de conexiones 3.5mm,plug
  • Con Bluetooth No
  • Peso 45 g