Portátil Mini Micrófono Inalámbrico Lavalier Con Funda Carga

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✓ Compra en meses sin intereses y recibe tu ☞ Portátil Mini Micrófono Inalámbrico Lavalier Con Funda Carga ❤ | Microphone...

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Before submitting a request, read it carefully, and then respond to it in a predetermined way after making the purchase. Important: Make sure your phone has OTG functionality! The Motorola users don't buy this in order to save time since it isn't compatible with their models. Samsung/Huawei smartphones, respectively. It's possible that the system's original camera won't work! *** With the update to the system software, it's possible that not all models will be able to use the local camera.
  • Marca Genérica
  • Modelo 11
  • Es gamer
  • Largo del cable 0.01 m
  • Usos recomendados del micrófono Can work on Youtube / Facebook / TikTok / WhatsApp / Live Stream
  • Con parlantes incorporados
  • Frecuencia mínima - Frecuencia máxima 20 kHz - 20 Hz
  • Formatos de micrófono Corbatero
  • Tipos de micrófono Condensador
  • Patrones polares Omnidireccional
  • Cantidad de micrófonos 01
  • Tipos de conexiones Inalámbrica
  • Con Bluetooth No